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My Status

2011-03-09 02:18:07 by awesomeracer118

This is my status. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Without me, my status is nothing. Without my status, I am nothing.


2011-02-16 02:23:57 by awesomeracer118

%u25B2 %u25B2 try and make this! comment if you think you have it!

up and running

2010-09-28 00:36:38 by awesomeracer118

pumping out song like there's no tomorrow!


2010-09-10 00:48:53 by awesomeracer118

I finally found a music program that uses loops! when my dad heard he also burnt me a disk full of loops, so I made a demo song and submitted it! Now I'm just waiting for the moderators to check if its ok :P

A little problem

2010-08-01 04:10:48 by awesomeracer118

I'm still trying to find an audio mixing software that is free... no luck so far. if anyone knows of one please tell! i have a few ideas that might in fact sound good. :P


2010-07-22 10:15:21 by awesomeracer118

this is my first post! SUCK IT!